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Have you considered online event registrations or online ticket sales?

Are you organizing a conference, event, or family reunion?

Not enough sticky notes to track guests, changes, special requests?

Are you using multiple programs to do one registration?

Ticket Sales  Registration Lodging Activities Product Sell Payment Processing Policies Confirmation Agendas Surveys

and more!

Online Event Registration Features:

  • Single / Multiple Event Registration
  • Multiple Pricing Level
  • Confirmation Management
  • Secure Payment Collections
  • Payment Plans
  • Discount / Coupon Features
  • Policies and Waivers Agreements
  • Event Management Portal
  • Email Blast Event Information Reminders
  • Live Customer Service

Software Specialties:

  • Fully web-based
  • Customizable Attendee Registration and Forms
  • Lodging and accommodations management
  • Activity Registration
  • Product Sales

Additional Services

  • Event Website Design, Development, and Hosting

Event Management:

We provide flexible beginning -to-end solutions that assist our clients to meet their event objectives by giving the best possible service at an affordable fee to realize the highest net dollar from their events.

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  • Contract Negotiation
  • Event Logistics
  • Vendor Organization
  • Staff Volunteer Scheduling
  • Social Media Promotions




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About Us

BRC Magic Services has been in business since March 2008.  We are an information technology service with an emphasis in event management.   BRC Magic Services is registered in the state of Colorado.

BRC Magic Services was started as a family business, Jaime Wilch – IT Developer and Rubi Acevedo Hendricks – Business Manager created the business as an online event registration service. Since then we have developed more services to meet the needs of clients and event participants.

BRC Magic Services prides itself on offering unique customizable software and event services. We provide flexible plan services allowing us to give our customers the best service possible while assisting them in meeting their objectives.

About Magic Software

Magic is our customizable software.

The combination of 25 years of experience in the Hotel / Travel/ Conference Event Organizing Field and Software Development has formed the most extensive, detailed, efficient management software. Magic can be customized to any event needs, is easy to use, reachable from anywhere and most important has little impact in our environment. Magic will meet and exceed anyone’s expectations.

We believe Software should be shaped and conformed around the way you run your business, not business altered to fit the software. BRC Magic Services will work with businesses to design and implement a custom software package that fits your business to allow you OUR client to take care of your clients.


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