2017 Pineal Tones US Reunion with Dr Todd

In 2016, Dr. Todd updated the information he will be sharing because so much happened with his work in 2016.                                Come Join Us in Carlsbad!

The “Immersion in DNA Field” workshops have a new name for the New Year to reflect all the new information coming in. The foundation of his live workshops in 2016 is still the Pineal Tones and Immersion in the DNA Field – plus the newest information that he is working with regarding “Enhanced Human Performance” to give you the best of everything that he is encountering in the areas of health, wellness, and sound healing for the expansion of awareness and avenues for applying these new principles and ideas in your life. Both the previous “Immersion in the DNA Field”, the 2016 “New Discoveries…and Enhanced Human Performance” and The 2017 Pineal Tones Reunion Workshops qualify you for the upcoming Choirs and Ceremonies — like the Choir in Chamonix France, Mount Blanc Mode,  May 2017!


2017 BioReprogramming® Certification Program with Isabelle Benarous

Our emotions are the result of our interpretations. Our interpretations are based on our life history in conjunction with subconscious survival mechanisms. For as long as an illness or behavior has a purpose, the body keeps on expressing it. BioReprogramming® 
is a unique approach, which offers skills and strategies enabling us to access the origin of our life struggles and to let go of unwanted subconscious programs. This training will permit you to transform from within, to change your life and to help others. The basic training is comprised of 4 modules that is offered in two 4-day segments. Practitioners and non-practitioners alike are welcome to join. No prerequisites for are required. Learn More Here


2017 Biological Decoding Trainings with Enrique Bouron
5 Module Certification Course

Biological Decoding for Health & Well-being Information

Decoding Psycho-emotional blocks may be the core reason that many of the health and well-being strategies you have tried give sub-par results. In 2014 and 2015 Modules 1 – 5 were offered and completed by many enthusiastic students. Each year there is new information and more exciting news of how people are repairing cellularly from their conflicts. We believe that this system is one of the most powerful methods ever developed for such clearing. This is also a wonderful way to address epigenetic changes in your DNA. 

Restore health by removing these blocks with one of the world’s leading practitioners and author, Enrique Bouron. 

This program is ideal for practitioners to have a powerful tool to assist those with whom they are working to new levels of health and wellness. And for anyone who suspects an unresolved conflict may be creating limitations, this process can offer inner freedom and long awaited solutions.


MAY 30 - JUNE 11 - 2017

In June 2017, the FLAGSHIP Kryon event is being held in Montana & Wyoming (Yellowstone),with THIRTEEN DAYS and MULTIPLE EVENTS to choose from. You may register for one, many, or all!

There will be three (3) excursions to YELLOWSTONE, the big Summer Light Conference, Pre and Post meetings, and great KEY-NOTE SPEAKERS! Take a look at our summary below, then click the links to see details about each day


Return to Lemuria The Reunion
An Akashic Awakening
20-22 December 2017 Full Retreat

Does your heart beckon you to return to the ancient land of Lemuria?
Are you ready to experience a  unique, spiritually catalyzing, and deeply nourishing week?
Come experience this powerful retreat of akashic awakening and heart filled bliss?
It is time to nourish your soul!
Together we will ignite the long forgotten memories in the akash of your DNA!
We will rekindle the templates of light that supported the healing consciousness of Ancient Lemuria!
Nurture the return of the healing light of these ancient days
in service to you – the New Human – and the New Earth!
Lemuria awaits  …

Learn More Here


Quantum Choir Mont Blanc Node, French Alps, Chamonix, France.
May 19-21, 2017

A Global Call to All Pineal Tones Choristers
Quantum Choir Mont Blanc Node
Chamonix, France
May 19-21, 2017

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